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Ellina Yin, CEO, Founder

Ellina Yin is a first-gen Cambodian American multidisciplinary artist, civic participation activist, and entrepreneur. They work at the intersection of art, technology, and lawmaking to create and explore new forms of civic participation. As a producer and writer of various podcasts, Ellina threads together art and technology to reimagine the way we practice democracy at a local level. In collaboration with community she co-authored and help with the passage Measure I in San José in 2022, elevating ethics and equity values in City of San José Charter. Most recently in continuation of her work on "Measure I," Ellina worked with the City of San José's Office of Racial Equity to launch the city's first Civics Masterclass in the city's top three languages: English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

As an artist, Ellina creates in honor of their ancestors and the animate world they live in, with a focus on nature and mixed media images that speaks to our relationship with the land.

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