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say what!?

join Only in San José as we embark on an epic legislative journey...

The City of San José's 2021 Charter Review Commission is studying the City Charter to understand whether our City’s governance structure, as well as any other additional measures, are appropriately suited to meet the complex needs of the community as it is today. 


“A City Charter is the basic document that defines the organization, powers, functions and essential procedures of the city government. It is comparable to the Constitution of the United States or a state's constitution. The charter is, therefore, the most important legal document of any city.” - National League of Cities

and this is important because...


what are we doing?

Only in San José has taken it upon ourselves
to try something radically different

We are creating a FREE AF civics masterclass on how to civically participate in the City Charter Review process. The stuff you were not taught in school! What you learn here can apply to other public bodies, such as City Councils, School Boards, County Board of Supervisors, etc. We are unaffiliated with the City of San José, entirely volunteer driven, and we invite your participation in helping to create a more inclusive and equitable city because we believe it is our constitutional right, “the people have the right to instruct their representatives, petition government for redress of grievances, and assemble freely to consult for the common good.” - CA Constitution, Article I Declaration of Rights


what's in store for your journey

a choose your own adventure epic legislative journey,
with a TBD season finale by you in fall/winter 2021

Classes are weekly starting at 6pm!

05/13   Government 101 (but first the basics)

05/19   Parliamentary Procedures (bureaucracy orienteering)

05/27   City Records (ordinance code wizardry boot camp)

06/03   Policy Research (tap into your inner librarian)

06/10   Advocacy (learn the powerful magic of storytelling)